About Us

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Our Story

The Good Food Tour is a culinary experience company that was started in the spring of 2017. After discovering and enjoying food tours in several large North American cities we realized this would be a great way to show off where we live. A food tour is an exciting and unique way to explore a neighbourhood, or in our case a small town.

When you take one of our walking tours you'll get to know about our history, architecture and art while experiencing some of the best food and drink in the entire Ottawa region. We get visitors from all over; locals who want to rediscover their home town, day-trippers from the Ottawa Region looking to get out of the city, and even a few international travellers! 

After a very successful first year in Almonte, The Good Food Tour is expanding to Carleton Place which is another historic mill town on the beautiful Mississippi River. We're very proud to have been nominated for an award this year in the Best New Company category by Ottawa Tourism. We hope you'll come out for a visit to see why!

Our Mission

We have a passion for where we live, with it's natural beauty and rich history. But what makes our towns really special are the friendly people and the entrepreneurs who run the vibrant small businesses here. Our mission therefore is to help Almonte and Carleton Place grow and prosper by introducing people to all of what they have to offer. We do this through the diverse and growing food scene, where possible showing you behind the scenes to see how things are made. The Good Food Tour also feels strongly that no one in our community should go hungry so we have chosen the Lanark County Food Bank as our charity of choice.


Your guide, Cathy

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I’ve been a self-described foodie all my life, taking cooking classes, volunteering as a Community Food Advisor for 10 years, and exploring different foods on many travel experiences and while living in Europe. We’ve been living in Almonte for fifteen years now and have raised our children here.

Being a highly social person I just love meeting new people and hearing their stories. What better way than a food tour to share my love for small towns, the people who live and work in them, and all things food-related!
— Cathy Reside, Founder, Tour Guide, and Chief Tasting Officer


Our great partners!

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Small town charm, big time taste! 

We've assembled an amazing cast of local food aficionados who create award-winning chocolate, world-class coffee, delectable desserts, amazing craft beer and unique selections of sweet to savoury dishes for you to experience.


How To Find Us


Get off the tourist track and explore small town Ontario!


Just minutes away from the big tourist scene, Almonte and Carleton Place are easy-going, friendly towns on the Mississippi River west of Canada’s capital, Ottawa. They are both historic mill towns that were at their peak in the mid 1800s. Today they are seeing a renaissance as amazing places to visit and live. They offer natural beauty, interesting artists and entrepreneurs, museums, shopping and fabulous food.